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Mission Statement!

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Officially: Our vision at CrashWorks STEAM Studio & Makerspace is to redefine what education looks like through STEAM initiatives (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics). We hope to do this in an unconventional way, offering an eclectic mash-up of classic art mediums, engineering “bits” and a lot of recycled materials. We’re bringing hands-on, creative exploration to learners of all ages through process-based education.

Unofficially: CrashWorks is like a creative, exploration playground, bringing together all of the STEAM components in an educational environment by way of primarily recycled, everyday materials. Unlike other creative studios in the area, we will focus on the process rather than the product, “fostering imagination, inspiration, curiosity, discovery and problem solving”, as our mission statement says.


By using everyday materials, we hope to help our patrons see all of the potential in the world around them. Advanced technology is fascinating and has its place in the world, but we want to help kids see beyond it. We want them to see how all of the things they learn about are tied together-the mathematics in the music they listen to, the science behind their radio-even the mechanical science!


Our ultimate goal is to provide a space for the next generation of makers, engineers, artists and entrepreneurs to flourish.


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Meet The Team


Shauna LaRocque

Founder & CEO


Shelby Fiscus

Executive Director

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